About Me

My name is Jacob and I’m a huge horophile! For those that don’t know, the wiktionary defines that as ‘a person who has an obsession with timekeeping devices’ – but what it really means is that I really love watches! I guess the obsession started when I was growing up. My dad and grandfather would always wear nice watches, and I would try them on and imagine one day buying my own (or inheriting theirs!). Dad’s favourite was a late 60’s Rolex Daytona and I rarely saw my grandfather without something wonderful on his wrist.

A few years ago I started working with a company that does a lot of business on eBay. As a company we’ve done very well, and in between some day to management stuff, I spend a lot of time trawling eBay for various products, buying and selling and answering (a lot of!) emails. Luckily for me, this gives me the chance to indulge my watch hobby (and on occasion buy the odd bargain – or two!). I set up this blog to list some of the watches that catch my eye over the course of the day. I figured it’d be a nice way to indulge my own hobby and break up the working day a little.

Anyway, I hope you like some of them as much as I do! Enjoy 🙂


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